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Loginex – transport delivering trust!

We are a company with headquarters in Warsaw, wich was established from a need of delivering professional, solid services of carriage and shipment. We are on the market form 2012 and we deliver goods nationally and internationally. We comprehensively provide a road, air, sea and rail transport, and also customs services and advisory. We specialize in transport with controlled temperature.

Since our beginning we dynamically work in TSL branch and we introduce new solutions. We bet on development. New shipment terminals are built, we hire more employees and we constantly builder own fleet. Recently new office has been opened in Katowice, and we plan to open up in more cities. Thanks to our commitment, our client and partner base is growing. We cooperate with strictly picked carriers around the world. Thanks to that we ensure safe and fast. Delivery to any place worldwide.

In Loginex we believe that one of the most important parts of a company is the cadre. Our team is constructed by experienced and qualified employees but also young and effective specialists in logistics. They are perfectly aware of conditions and specifics of their quests set by our clients and they constantly grow their competences. It’s a foundation to provide high-quality services wich is stated by many rewards and certificates.

For us, there are no impossibilities, there are only tough to arrange. We are not scared by challenges! Speed, optimization and safety are our top priority – We deliver trust!

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12 210 325

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