Maritime transport

Sea shipment is key branch of transport for export and import goods worldwide. Sea freight is one of the most economical means of transportation for big volume, count and weight cargos. As an experienced carrier we offer comprehensive service in a field of export and import with support in port-customs formalities. We realize sea transport for every type of cargo.

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Sea transport is realized for goods like full container (FCL), less than container load (LCL), requiring thermal control, oversized, dangerous and non-conventional goods. Do you want to ship medicine, fruits, meat, AGD devices on the other side of the world? With us, you will realize every transport and you will sail on every continent! And if you are thinking, how to send products to Asia, we will happily help you choose the most adequate for your cargo mean of transport.

We guarantee high level of offered service, experienced cadre od specialists in sea transport with a proactive and elastic approach to every commission. Cooperating with global shipowners, we will ensure choice of a convenient sea service to every place around the world. Our specialists provide full support in a field of preparing customs and transport documentation and informing about shipment status. We care about interests of our clients, and for their safety on every step of their realization.

  • Full container sea transport FCL
  • Container types
  • General sea transport LCL

Thanks to our close cooperation with trusted and trustworthy agents, we ensure professional service of cargo for every regulation of transport (incoterms). We a.o. offer support within range of customs for import and export, nationally and internationally. We offer final import clearance, export clearance, clearance in straighten procedure in Poland (art.33a), fiscal in Germany and other UE countries, T2L, passes and many more. We realize door-to-door and port-to-port shipments with comprehensive service in the port of origin and port of delivery. We advise in a field of transport according to letters of credit and collection conditions.

We provide service for transport of every type of cargo, a.o. food, medicine, cosmetics, spare parts (automotive parts), AGD, computers and IT gear, industrial machinery, raw materials and dangerous fuels, clothing and many more.

As experts in transportation of goods in a controlled temperature we provide not only service on highest-quality standards, but also we will advise our clients in a range of choosing the optimal solution, and preparing documentation.

Standard containers:
• 20‘feet (20’DV/FT),
• 40‘feet (40’DV/FT),
• 40‘feet, lifted (40’HC).

Refrigerated containers:
• 20‘reefer (20’RF),
• 40’ reefer (40’‚RF/HC).

Open top containers:
• 20’ open top (20’OT),
• 40’ open top (40’OT).

Flat rack containers:
• 20’ flat rack (20’FR),
• 40’ flat rack (40’FR).

Hardtop containers:
• 20’ hardtop (20’HT),
• 40’ hardtop (40’HT).

Tank containers:
• 20’ tank (20’FT/TC),
• 40’ tank (40’FT/TC).

Caring of our clients interests, in our offer we have not forgotten about transport LCL, wich allows to optimize logistical costs and to rise effectiveness of a supply chain. In export we consolidate shipments, what allows us to lower costs of road transportation. Thanks to using our own fleet of trucks we are capable of providing transport from and to a consolidation warehouse within 24 hours.

We realize shipments of:
• pallets,
• packages,
• chests,
• cardboard boxes,
• sacks,

Thanks to cooperation with a reliable partner around the world, we offer to transport:
• door-to-door,
• port-to-door,
• port-to-port,

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