Transport Less Than Truckload

Many tasks performed by road freight forwarding do not require full truck loads. Frequently, it is possible to use a form of transport which consists in sharing cargo space with other recipients of transport services. This form of road forwarding is called Transport Less than truckload (LTL transport). Using Less than truckload (Transport LTL) the cost is shared between several principals, so this form of road forwarding is budget friendly.
LTL transport is a clever and economical road freight forwarding service for companies that need to transport between 1 kg and 1000 kg. The usual Less than truckload (LTL) transport service is ideal for loads ranging from one to seven pallets. It is the easiest and most cost effective method of transport for companies that do not need full surface area transport (FTL).

General characteristics of Loginex transport fleet for part-truck transport (LTL transport):

Road forwarding in Poland and road freight forwarding in the European Union with semi-trailers offering transport in controlled temperature. Among them there are, including:

- Double deck semi-trailers allowing to take 66 euro pallets;

- hook semi-trailers

- semi-trailers with double temperature


Transport services are also provided by trailers without controlled temperature:

- mega semi-trailer - 3 meters high;

- curtainsider 2.7 meters;

- flatbed semi-trailer


We have insurance up to 1 million Euro, which allows lossless transport of various types of sensitive, expensive goods, such as tobacco, alcohol, RTV, household products.

For smaller quantities we offer Groupage service. Thanks to a well-chosen network of connections, we are able to efficiently deliver cargo in groupage service. Consolidating shipments minimizes costs while maintaining a relatively short transport time.

Benefits of using road freight forwarding in the Less than truckload model (Transport LTL)

Cost efficiency of transport services

Transportation using road freight forwarding in LTL model enables cost sharing between multiple transport clients. The service provider pays only for the transport space it uses. Additionally, transport is optimized. It is the most cost-effective form of transport.


Negotiating the price of transport services

LTL transport enables concluding permanent transport contracts and setting preferential rates for long-term transport orders. When concluding a permanent contract, there is no need to negotiate each time for each carriage. This allows to minimize the time spent on placing orders for road forwarding, thus reducing the costs of the company's functions.

Permanent information about the location of the cargo

With an intelligent tracking system and the experience of our team, you can be sure that your cargo will be picked up, transported and delivered quickly and accurately. Our freight forwarders watch over every stage of the transport process. Professional road freight forwarding have the necessary tools to monitor the process. These include, among others, GPS monitoring systems. Each driver can count on the support of the team, so that their journey is optimal in terms of time and cost.

 transport ltl - spedycja drogowa

Professional road forwarding for Small and Medium Business

The possibilities offered by transport services in this capacity open up the possibility of using professional road freight forwarding even for small and medium companies, seeking transport services for even small parcels.


Low environmental impact

LTL transport is optimised for the use of space. Road haulage is the least emission-intensive in this model. By optimising routes and space utilisation, the number of vehicles is reduced to a minimum, thus reducing emissions of harmful gases and greenhouse gases.