Rail transport China-Europe-China

We offer railway transports FCL and LCL using the route of the New Silk Road and Transiberian Railway.

Depending on the customer's needs, we use the following railway terminals in China and Europe:


 transport kolejowy loginex




- Chengdu

- Wuhan

- Hefei

- Zhengzhou

- Małaszewicze

- Warszawa

- Poznań

- Łódź

- Hamburg


Benefits of rail transport

Rail transport is a compromise between air and sea transport. It is a compromise between transport time and freight price. Rail forwarding is up to 70% cheaper than air transport and less than half the transport time of maritime transport. We provide short delivery times from 12 to 21 days, regular service, door-to-door deliveries and competitive rates. We advise our customers on customs documentation, insurance and optimization of transport costs, helping them to choose a convenient solution.