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Rail shipping is a compromise between time of delivery and a price of a freight. It stands out by speed because the delivery time is shorter compared to sea transport and competitiveness in terms of price comparing to air transit. We offer general LCL transport and full container transport FCL.

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In rail transport we service international and national railroads in cooperation with valued carriers. We ensure shorter possible delivery time, regular service, door-to-door deliveries and competitive stakes. Our clients are offered with full customs service, we advise in terms of documentation and insurance. We know how important it is to optimize transport costs, that’s why we help to choose the best solution for every parcel. We comprehensively service container cargo and general cargo on China-Europe-China Lane.

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We offer LCL and FCL transport with use of New Silk Road and Trans-Siberian route. Depends on customer needs we use convenient terminals in China and Europe. Trains from China do Poland does around 11000 km. To reach the destination. Time of delivery escalates around 10-15 days (terminal-terminal) from main stations in China to main stations in Europe.

We ensure regular service, door-to-door deliveries and competitive stakes. We have a possibility to realize carriage of goods containing batteries. We advise our clients in terms of Customs documentation, insurance documents and optimization of transport costs with helping to choose a right solution.

We ensure our clients freight from China to Europe main stations. A journey to Germany is around 19 days long. Within connections to Germany we offer a possibility of fiscal service. In addition, we service direct relations to Hamburg and Rotterdam. We provide FCL rail transport services not only from/to China, but also Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

Our specialists seek conveniently for the client and advise in choice of the best, safest and most reliable solution. We cooperate with trustworthy, responsible partners, so we can inform a client in real time about their cargo.

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