Refrigerated transport

Whether from chosen delivery form, carried products may need precise conditions. Most often requirement is keeping a certain temperature, but also delivering thermal report in the supply chain. We offer Refrigerated transport services of highest quality.

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We stand out by high competence is a field of road refrigerated transport and good knowledge of the market and products. Thanks to many years of experience, we will meet expectations of even most demanding clients. Our modern fleet contains necessary certificates proving our compatibility to standards.

Most often refrigerated transport in controlled temperature is a task requiring specified experience and responsibility. Not meeting right conditions may not only lower the quality of goods, but also puts human health or life in danger. Right experience is considering loading or transshipping conditions, supervision over proper placement of good in cargo space and considering many other factors, allows keeping higher standards and ensuring guarantee of necessary transportations standards. Refrigerated transport contains for example:

Frozen and impermanent products, also food - meats, bakery, fish or sea food.

Medicaments, in safe environment with thermal control and temperature regulators.

Cosmetics and chemical products.

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Thermally controlled transport requires specialized fleet. Our company own properly adapted vehicles, that allow carriage of goods in appropriate thermal conditions in range from -20°C to + 25°C. Our diversified fleet lets us realize transport od any type of refrigerated cargo. Every refrigerator has necessary certificates and tests to transport food and meets the specified thermo-isolation conditions.

Refrigerated transport is realized with aid of trailers of different types:
• double deck trailers,
• hook trailers,
• double temperature trailer.

Our fleet meets every regulation stated by road transportation act, and international ATP agreement, about perishable products and special means of transport. We ensure appropriate thermal conditions, measuring conditions and isothermal properties controls. Their compatibility is confirmed by necessary certificates of compatibility. Telematic systems used in management of our fleet gives us possibilities of control and measure of temperature in real time.

We realize refrigerated transport based on categories below:
• refrigerated transport of food goods, coming from animals and plants in original packaging,
• refrigerated transport of meat products and half products,
• refrigerated transport of bakery products in original packaging,
• refrigerated transport of pharmaceutical half products,
• refrigerated transport of medicaments,
• refrigerated transport of chemical reagents and dangerous goods,
• refrigerated transport of organic agricultural products,
• refrigerated transport of plants and mushrooms,
• refrigerated transport of cosmetics and half products of cosmetology in controlled temperature: 15°C – 25°C, 8°C – 15°C, 2°C – 8°C, or in other required temperature,
• refrigerated transport of dangerous goods in controlled temperature,
• refrigerated transport of fish and sea food,
• refrigerated transport of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including fresh juice and milk products in original packaging.

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