Maritime transportation of full container loaded (FCL)

High level of service, experienced specialists in maritime transport and proactive approach to each order are our main advantages.

We provide timely, safe and comprehensive service of transporting goods by sea from and to any place in the world.

We offer full container loads (FCL) guaranteeing a flexible approach to the time of collection and delivery thanks to the cooperation with our agents all over the world.

In our offer you will find transport services for the following types of containers:


Standard containers

- 20 feet (20DV/20 FT)

- 40 feet (40DV/40FT)


Refrigerated containers

- 20 Reefer (20RF)

- 40 Reefer (40 RF, 40RF HC)


Open top containers

- 20 Open Top (20OT)

- 40 Open Top (40 OT)


Flat Rack containers

- 20 Open Top (20OT) (20FR)

- 40 Open Top (40 OT)


Hardtop Containers

- 20 hardtop (20 HT)

- 40 Hardtop (40 HT)


Tank containers

- 20 Tank (20FT TC)

- 40 Tank (40FT TC)

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As specialists in the transport of goods at controlled temperature, we provide not only high quality transport services, but also advise our customers on the choice of the optimal solution, preparation of commercial import and export documents, including certificates and others.

We provide transportation services for all types of goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive parts, household products, computers and IT equipment, industrial equipment, raw materials and hazardous fuels, clothing and many others.

The directions that we most often service are not only Far East and USA, but also Middle East countries including United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey; South America countries including mainly: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru; Australia; Africa including mainly: The Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco. We ensure that the interests of our customers are protected at every stage of transport and each order is treated as a priority.