Loginex offers dedicated full truck loads (FTL transport) throughout Europe.


If you need more transport, you can use the Full Truckload service (FTL Transport). FTL transport has a number of advantages. 

General characteristics of the transport fleet for full truckload transport (FTL transport):

We offer logistic services with semi-trailers of various types of refrigeration, including:

- double deck semitrailers allowing you to take 66 Euro pallets;

- Trailor hooks;

- semi-trailers with double temperature.


Transport services are also provided by semitrailers without controlled temperature:

- a mega semitrailer - 3 meters high;

- a curtain semitrailer, 2.7 meters long;

- open-ended semitrailer, platform type;

We have insurance up to 1 million Euro, which allows lossless transport of various types of sensitive, expensive goods, such as tobacco, alcohol, RTV, household appliances.

All you need to do is place an order. We are able to pick up the goods anywhere in Europe from 1 hour after placing an order.

This way, customers can be sure that the collection and delivery will be carried out in the best possible way. Equally advantageous is the means of implementation - the service is performed using a single vehicle, which completely eliminates the risk of problems occurring during reloading.

Track and trace dla przewozów FTL

Trasa przewozów realizowanych w formie transportu FTL jest skrupulatnie planowana, by zapewnić jej optymalny przebieg. Nasi specjaliści spedycji drogowej śledzą wszystkie transporty z wykorzystaniem systemu track-and-trace w czasie rzeczywistym, by zapewnić najwyższą efektywność przewozu. Takie podejście gwarantuje, że świadczone przez nas spedycji drogowej w modelu transportu FTL zachowują najwyższy standard na każdym etapie realizacji. Ich jakość potwierdza certyfikat IFS.


Route optimisation

Another important aspect and benefit of full truckload transport (FTL transport) is route optimization. Unlike LTL transport services, FTL transport is carried out directly from the delivery place to the destination. In the case of LTL services, the transport is often carried out on longer routes to ensure the transport of other recipients of the service with whom the cargo space is shared. Another advantage is that the FTL transport service does not have an additional cost of time. At the same time, full truck loads are carried out in a door-to-door model.


The best service for large transports.

Delivery of a large shipment usually involves a high risk on the supplier's side. Implementation of transport with the use of semi-trailer transport (FTL transport) is the safest form of transport. Transport is carried out from point A to point B. The fastest and safest route is chosen. This reduces transportation time, which can be additionally determined with minute precision.  


Faster than LTL services


Full-surface transport service (FTL transport) minimizes the time of service delivery. Transport is delivered faster because it does not require additional time to guarantee delivery of shipments to other LTL transport service recipients. The chosen route is optimized in terms of delivery time. In addition, unlike FTL services, the carrier is not obliged to spend time unloading deliveries to other recipients of the service. The transport is carried out exclusively.


Transport from point A to point B. 

FTL transport is carried out in a door-to-door model without additional route overloading in order to deliver the remaining customers of the service. Road freight forwarding in the FTL model is carried out a single vehicle, which eliminates the risk of hypothetical loading problems. Experienced and professional road freight forwarding is able to estimate the time of collection and delivery with the precision of almost every minute. Additionally, no transshipments on the route.