Other transport services

Every day we acquire new experiences and competences. Due to that we are constantly developing and we introduce new services of delivering goods to our offer. You can also find there a time critical transport, event and exhibition transportation and dangerous goods transport. We offer Customs services and insurance consultancy. Challenges and non-typical commissions are what we like.

Critical - express transport

We are perfectly at ease in difficult situations, in wich time matters most. We understand, that in many cases rapid actions are required, that’s why we offer express services to our clients. We will find a solution even if our client thinks it’s too late. Urgent cargo will be delivered among whole Europe.

Transportation are realized with a dedicated vehicle of 1,5t - 24t capacity. It allows to rapidly realize of commission with a delivery on time guarantee. Time-critical transport prevents massive economical losses and high recourse costs, wich occur due to production lateness. A qualified dispatcher is watching over the whole process with 24/7 availability, who takes care of on time delivery. We service FMCG industry, Automotive, HIGH-TECH and more.

Event and exhibition transport

Are you organizing an event? Do you set exhibitions up on the Expo and you have to move your stand? Maybe Your exhibition changes location? Choose a solid partner, that can ensure a punctual transport to the export, conferences, concerts, congresses and other events.

We own vehicles allowing to fulfill every requirement of a client and in a safe way transport crucial items. Multiple times we had opportunity to provide service mass-events with worldwide show-business celebrities, that had place in premises of our country and whole Europe. We demonstrate an individual approach to each commission and guarantee highest possible quality of our services.

ADR Transport

ADR transport is one of the most difficult methods of shipment to organize. As an experienced company we provide transportation services for every category of dangerous goods. Our trailers are appropriately equipped, they meet certain requirements, and our drivers are properly trained. Every ADR transport is realized in accordance to the regulations and safety standards.

As a truster carrier we guarantee, that a person transporting ADR type cargo has proper qualifications, verifies necessary documents and vehicle ornaments. During the realization of commissions, we rely on experience of our drivers, while taking care of a quality of their training. We do our best to ensure that our fleet meets every standard and technical condition.


During realization of international transport, we offer support in a field of customs services, import and export. We advise in terms of documentation and international insurance. Our experts always have actual knowledge of regulations. We cooperate with leading agencies and our knowledge and experience allows us to carry out all procedures fast and in accordance to the regulations.


We are aware how an important role of supply chain has warehousing. That’s why we can be entrusted with your cargo, wich will be safely delivered to its destination. When non-standard cargo becomes a problem for our client, our warehousing service is crucial. It’s also a solution to many heavy and complex situations in terms of shipping, transport and distribution. In the field of our warehousing services, transshipment and stockpiling is included.

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