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Thanks to our own fleet, each day we realize transportation services for our clients. We will deliver every type of cargo, with standard and dangerous, with thermal control or oversized. We will deliver it to any place within Europe. Our services include FTL, LTL, express, refrigerated, oversized and ADR transport.

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Since the beginning of our company we concentrate on delivering professional road transport services for entrepreneurs of varied sizes and needs. We are aware that properly organized transport and shipping have an impact on every field of our life. In response to clients needs we deal with national and international road transportation. We do door-to-door deliveries, wich are characterized by rapid delivery and top-up loads can be arranged. Our experienced team watches over realization of every commission. We constantly enlarge our own, modern fleet counting over 105 vehicles and we cooperate with strictly selected carriers, wich is a foundation to offering top-level services. We invite to cooperate with us, not only enterprises wanting to establish a long-term cooperation, but also these wanting to outsource a one-time commission. We deliver goods on permits of a whole Europe, and speed, optimization and safety are our top priority.

  • Full Truckload FTL
  • Less Than Truckload LTL
  • Our Fleet

We offer dedicated FTL transportations all over Europe, wich assure that delivery will be on the best possible way. Service is realized with use of one vehicle, wich eliminates risk of problems during transshipment, while a route is scrupulously planned to ensure its optimized course. Our specialists track every transport with live feed with aid of track-and-trace system, to ensure its highest effectiveness. It guarantees that our FTL services hold highest standards on every step of realization. Our quality is confirmed by IFS certificate.

Why to choose FTL transport?

Route optimization
Very important aspect and benefit for FTL service is its route optimization. FTL transportation is delivered directly to its destination in contrast to LTL, wich is often realized on longer routes, to deliver other shipments to different destinations, due to cargo space being shared among other cargos. In result there is a benefit of not having additional time overlay.

Best service for transporting of large transports
Delivering a large parcel usually comes with high risk for a carrier. Realization with FTL Transport is the safest form of carriage. Cargo is delivered by safest and fastest route wich shortens time of delivery, wich can even be forecasted within a minute precision.

Realization of exclusive carriage
By choosing FTL, client receives full cargo space for exclusive use. This solution is mostly used for large loads, e.g. whole batch of cosmetics, medicine, food or electronic devices. In result, route can be established by clients recommendations.

A to B transport
FTL Transport is realized with a door-to-door model with a single vehicle use, wich eliminates risk of hypothetical problems during transshipment. It allows to estimate time of delivery in a matter of minute.

Many commissions are realized by road transport wich does not require FTL model. In response comes Less Than Truckload transport model, wich is based on sharing cargo space with other recipients. It’s economical, budget-friendly road shipment service for cargos between 1 kg and 1000 kg or from 1 to 7 pallets. Rightly organized transport allows to achieve low costs for clients.

We also offer Groupage service, wich is dedicated for smaller amount of goods. Thanks to rightly chosen delivery route, we efficiently deliver LTL cargos. Consolidating shipments animalizes costs, keeping its relatively short delivery time.

What benefits come from LTL road transport?

Cost effectiveness of transport services
Carriage with usage of LTL method allows sharing cost between many clients. The client can pay for only his part of cargo space, wich allows him to spend less sum.

Price negotiations of services
LTL Transport allows to conclude constant transport contracts and to set preferential stakes for long-term commissions without need negotiations each time. It minimizes time dedicated to placing shipment orders and restricts functionality costs for an enterprise.

Constant information of shipment location
Our specialists watch over every step of transportation process. As a professional road shipper, we own necessary tools to monitor process, a.o: GPS. Thanks to intelligent parcel tracking system, and our teams experience, you can be sure, that your cargo will be picked up, transported and delivered fast and precisely.

Environmentally low-emission
LTL Transport is optimized for usage of cargo space. Thanks to that, needed amount of vehicles is minimized. In consequence, emission of harmful gases and dusts is reduced.

Professional shipment for small and medium enterprises
LTL transport services open up possibilities for small and medium companies, seeking for single parcel shipment, to use professional transportation services.

We have our own trucks, but we also use our trusted carriers. Our vehicles fulfill every standard (Euro 6 Certificate) and technical condition. Also they are equipped with necessary safety systems. We have insurance put of 1 million Euro, wich grants lossless transport of delicate and expensive goods, e.g.: Tobacco, alcohol, RTV and AGD. We present general characteristics of our fleet below.

Trailers offering thermally controlled transport (refrigerators):
• double deck trailers allowing to contain up to 66 euro pallets,
• hook trailer,
• double temperature trailer.

Transport services are realized also by regular-type trailers:
• mega trailer – 3 meters of height,
• curtain trailer – 2,7 meters of height,
• open, platform-type trailer.

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